Junior varsity pool shot

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This sturdy, freestanding basketball hoop is built to handle any level of poolside usage needed.


Pool Shot is made of UV-treated polyethylene to ensure outdoor durability. Its base can be easily filled with water or sand to keep it anchored. Pool Shot is easy to assemble in less than 30 minutes and includes 2 balls in every kit. Pool Shot comes in a few different styles and sizes to work for every level of pool-side basketball games. The specially-designed, winged backboard is standard on all styles, created to keep the ball in the pool for less game interruptions. The “Adjustable Varsity” is the flagship product of this line designed for regular pool-side usage while the “Junior Varsity” is the smaller, more versatile version, perfect for kids. “Rock the House” is created to withstand even the most intense slam dunks! “Wing-It” is a lightweight, economical, entry level version that is perfect for smaller spaces.

Standard Features

    Rugged UV-resistant Winged Backboard

  • Rugged, UV-resistant Base
  • Durable stainless steel and aluminum hardware
  • Two waterproof vinyl basketballs
  • Height-adjustable, regulation size, 18” diameter, zinc-coated steel rim
  • Easy to follow, illustrated quick-assembly instructions
  • One-year warranty


BACKBOARD: Rotomolded, UV resistant polyethylene throughout. 42” High x 53” Wide. 27 pounds in weight. Three (3) 45-degree angled wings. Each wing is 8” in length.BASE: Rotomolded, UV resistant polyethylene throughout. Base is 36” W x 47” H x 33” D Approximately 50 gallon (400 pound) water capacity or sand. 37 pounds in weight (empty).RIM/BALL: Regulation 18” diameter solid steel rim (Zinc and orange powder coated) with a white All Weather Nylon rim net. Two (2) rugged full-size orange vinyl basketballs for water use.

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