Meese implemented the first plastic laundry carts in the early 1970s, is the originator of the 72P, and trademarked the name Polytrux®. These innovations, which have led to numerous accolades, including Design of the Year and Conversion of the Year, demonstrate our excellence in engineering, design, custom molding, and product development of proprietary products.

Our facilities are strategically located across the United States and the dedicated sales and support team is comprised of 50 laundry-focused veterans.

As the leader in rotomolded laundry carts, we have invested in the exclusive use of High Density Polyethylene, allowing us to produce stronger but lighter and safer products than our competitors.

As active members of TRSA, which includes Pat Teague (Corporate Safety Director – Tingue Family of Companies) and JR Ryan (President of Meese), Meese will remain at the forefront of this industry, constantly innovating.