Meese Silva Trux: Infused with Antimicrobial Toughness.

For 50 years, Meese has been a pioneer in the design and development of plastic products

Delivering superior, ergonomically-designed, rotomolded plastic solutions for linen transport, material handling, storage and outdoor lifestyle.

Starting with the original 70P, followed by the classic 72P, Meese remains committed to offering a long line of the toughest, safest and most durable carts in the business in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to fit the specific needs of all their customers.

In today’s demanding environment, durability and safety have never been more critical.

That’s why Meese decided to protect their carts even more with the development of the Silva-Trux line of carts. Meese Silva-Trux are the first and only proven antimicrobial Poly-Trux on the market. The Meese Silva-Trux line offers an enhanced layer of protection to stop microbial growth. This technology was added to five of the most popular Meese carts: the 70P Silva-Trux, the 72P Silva-Trux, the 90P Silva-Trux, the 92P and the 101P Silva-Trux.

Meese Silva-Trux are infused by an antimicrobial agent that protects the carts from deterioration caused by mold and mildew.

The infusion of the antimicrobial agent also helps Silva-Trux guard against odors and stains from microbial growth.

In recent research, it was proven that Meese Silva-Trux are antimicrobial.  See our research findings on this page.  Silva-Trux does not protect users or others against disease causing bacteria. Always clean this product thoroughly after each use.