Ergonomic Bulk Linen Carts Feature Dual, Recessed Safety Handles

Meese’s bulk linen carts in the PSL Series feature dual, recessed safety handles that are permanently rotomolded into the cart during manufacture to maximize energy transfer and promote efficient, ergonomic movement for reduced strain on staffers. Included as standard on the 90PSL and 95PSL luxury laundry carts, the dual, recessed safety handles are set on the swiveling, steering end in a vertical orientation to align the hand in a naturally comfortable position for pulling the linen carts. The dual handles allow either the left or right hand to be used ergonomically (or both) and provide a more secure grip than hand holes.

In addition to the recessed safety handles, the 90PSL and the larger 95PSL include a hinged roof that opens skyward for easy access to clean linens and dual repositionable shelves that may be removed for easy access to soiled laundry without bending and reaching into the cart. The PSL Series bulk trucks include a built-in lock to safeguard linens inside a sleek exterior with visual appeal in luxury properties. For more information about these products and others, please call 800-829-4535 or email