Low Profile Bulk Container Handles High Density Dry Products

P-340 Ship Shape(TM) Container Stands 30 Inches High, Holds to 1,000 lbs.

The P-340 Ship Shape(TM) reusable bulk container from material handling product manufacturer MODRoto (www.ShipShapeContainers.com), features a stout, low profile design that accommodates payloads to 1,000 lbs. yet stands just 30 inches high on a standard footprint for the efficient storage and transportation of dry, granular, free-flowing products with high bulk densities and/or high compaction rates. Specified for handling glass, salt, sugar, Teflon pellets, ceramic compounds, metallic powders such as aluminum flake and copper fines, and others, the P-340 plastic bulk box minimizes the amount of space wasted inside the container after product settling, stacks covered three-high to cube out standard trailers and helps maintain a low center of gravity for safe lift truck operation.

The P-340 forklift container is rotationally molded in a single piece from 100% polyethylene with a smooth, non-stick interior and dual side projections that allow container dumpers to establish a firm, non-slip grip and rotate to 180 degrees for complete product discharge. A variety of optional accessories is available including fork safety tubes, casters, lockable covers and custom colors.

For more information, contact MODRoto at 1745 Cragmont St., Madison, IN 47250; 1-800-829-4535; FAX 812.273.1878; questions@modroto.com or see www.MODRoto.com.
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