Bulk Containers

Meese Bulk Containers, water proof and chemical resistant, are built for the secure storage and easy transport of any type of product or waste. Rugged and durable, these containers have optional features like 2 way or 4 way fork-lift access, hinged panels, removable secure lids to prevent spilling, and industrial strength casters.

Meese’s exclusive metal additive can also be added to our Bulk Containers for Food Processing to ensure that any potential poly contamination in a food product is easily detectable while adhering to HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) programs. Meese Bulk Containers currently manufactured with X-Ray features are: P291 X-Ray, P291 UNDOT X-Ray, P333 X-Ray, P340 X-Ray, P341 X-Ray, P360 X-Ray, P390 X-Ray, P433 X-Ray, and P433 UNDOT X-Ray.

NOTE: Please allow an estimated 2-4 weeks, depending on volume for delivery of these products. Free shipping applies to website orders in the continental US only.

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