P291 UN/DOT Bulk Container

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    This rugged, durable bulk container is the same as the popular P291 with features added to earn it the UN/DOT certification for secure storage and transport of regulated and unregulated materials.


    The breakthrough fastening system securely attaches the lid to the container to ensure contents stay inside when flipped over. And, if an accident occurs during transport or with a forklift, the precious cargo remains inside and intact. Stacks when covered and nests when empty, fitted with four, military-grade, side release buckles, and durable, waterproof, poly nylon straps.

    UN/DOT certification number for 2021 – 11H2 / Y / * / USA / +AA7248 / 907 / 445

    Standard Features

    • Rotationally molded from waterproof, chemical-resistant High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
    • Durable, removable, companion lid
    • Fastening system with four, nylon straps, side release buckles
    • Unitized, palletless design
    • Two-way fork access
    • Smooth interior for complete emptying
    • UN/DOT certification info permanently molded into container

    Optional Features

    • Featured Options (May affect shipping weight)
    • Stencil, Mold-in or Mold-on text, logos or graphics
    • Industrial-strength casters
    • Fork safety tubes
    • 8 standard color options available or custom color requests can be made


    • Dimensions Top, Outside: 45”x 45” Footprint: 44”x 44”, Overall Height: 33” covered
    • Capacity 27½ cubic feet
    • Load Capacity 807 lbs.
    • Shipping Weight 105 lbs. for standard part only
    • 2 parts stacked & 2 stacks across,13 rows
    •  (52) per standard trailer
    • Part(s) 1-2 Freight Class 250

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