For over 50 years, Meese has offered high quality carts, trucks and containers for the laundry industry. It all started in 1970 with the creation of the original 70P, followed with the often- imitated industry workhorse, the 72P. Since then, Meese has gone on to create a full line of innovative laundry-focused carts and trucks to address the ever-evolving needs of our laundry customers.

As a true one-stop solution, the Meese collection of carts, trucks and containers are rugged yet lightweight to ensure safe and easy transport and storage of clean and dirty linens. And all Meese carts and trucks have a metal-free interior to avoid snags and tears. Antimicrobial technology can also be applied to help protect carts from microbial growth.

Our laundry carts and trucks include:

Bulk-Trux — Built with unique customer-focused features like ergonomic cutouts, spring-loaded platforms, industrial strength casters, cargo nets and lockable lids and doors.

Shelf-Trux — Practical, strong and durable, with convertible and removable or non-removable wire and poly shelves to safely transport clean and dirty linens.

Utility-Trux — Rugged, extra-durable, and industrial strength to move, lift, ship, sort and store the heaviest loads. Some have spring-loaded platforms, ergonomic cutouts, and industrial strength casters.

Silva-Trux — Infused by an antimicrobial agent that protects the carts from deterioration caused by mold and mildew.

Bio-Hazard-Trux — Easily-identifiable and rugged to keep the bio-hazardous contents of the carts secure.

And now the best just got even better! Meese is expanding their laundry offering with more carts than ever before with the addition of Dura-Cast products to the product line.

To get help finding the right products for you, please CONTACT YOUR SALES REPRESENTATIVE HERE.

NOTE: Please allow an estimated 2-4 weeks, depending on volume for delivery of these products. Free shipping applies to website orders in the continental US only.

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