Custom Molding

Meese Custom Division Helps Customers Bring Their Products to Life.

Meese’s experienced, highly-skilled, award-winning Custom Division engineer and design teams help customers in virtually every industry create the roto-molded design solutions they need, either by conceptualizing an entire product or creating a component within a product. Meese offers a track record of unrivaled skill and expertise in converting products from metal, wood, fiberglass and other materials into wholly integrated, rotationally molded plastic designs. Meese creates custom rotomolding projects for commercial and industrial products, including custom fuel tanks, lockers, bulk handling containers, recreational products and much more.

Sometimes your dreams need to be airtight, waterproof, lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Fishing Boats

Challenge: The client wanted to create an air-tight, water-proof, hands-free, light-weight, easy to maneuver fishing boat.
Solution: Meese helped the client create the revolutionary fishing boat the client dreamed of. The plastic hull was built as a single piece of polyethylene using 3-D solid modeling. Meese created a proprietary in-mold foaming approach making it highly stable and UV-resistant to prevent fading and degradation due to sunlight. The boat is easy to transport in a pickup or towed by nearly any size vehicle. Extra features were added such as recessed channels to hold the fishing rod, grooves molded in to fit the foot pedals, a compartment molded in to hold the battery and stop water infiltration, and even a ruler molded into the hull to easily measure the size of the fish caught!

Our work can withstand the toughest environments, like your basement and backyard.

Basement Crawl Space Entrance

Challenge: The client needed to make their crawl space door and entry system out of a tough, long-lasting, moistureprotecting material that was easy to install, attractive (since visible on outside of house) and offered protection against the elements. Previously, wood doors led to rot, leaks, mold, mildew and bugs and steel doors would rust and stick.
Solution: Meese helped the client bring their design to life using rotomolding by creating a seamless, strong, safe, dry, easy-to-use and attractive crawl space.

Some of the toughest critics in the world believe in Meese Custom Rotomolding.

Outdoor puppy equipment

Challenge: The client wanted to create a long-lasting, rugged play area for pets. Needed to be able to withstand the elements and hard usage by animals.
Solution: Meese created a rugged modular system of rotomolded pet equipment in a variety of sizes. It is easier to transport and clean than wooden or metal structures.

Meese Custom Rotomolding is often a game changer.

Custom merchandising golf cart

Challenge: The client wanted to redesign and manufacture a custom golf club merchandising cart. They wanted this cart to be a revolutionary teaching tool for their professionals as well as cost efficient, easy to maneuver and transport, and lockable.
Solution: The client turned to Meese to create a golf merchandising cart. This extra strong, sleek, durable, easy-tomaneuver cart contains a portable scooter and can easily handle heavy clubs. It even contains a computer to help professionals gather data to better recommend ideal club sizes. And it is extra secure, requiring keyed access to prevent theft. It is no surprise that this product won the “Conversion of the Year” award at the annual Rotomolded Products Competition.