Meese has an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation and personal service. Originally founded as Meese Inc. in 1931, the company utilizes the most sophisticated rotational molding system in the world, producing superior plastic products for industries such as laundry, recycling, material handling, and recreation, as well as for emerging industries such as e-scrap, agriculture, fishing, and manufacturing. With plants strategically located across the United States, the process of developing and designing bulk laundry carts routinely earns awards for excellence in design innovation and rotomolding skills.

Meese has always been at the forefront of the roto-molding industry.

  • Meese is well-known for pioneering the design and development of canvas carts and basket trucks for the laundry industry and later upgrading the carts as rotationally molded plastic carts and baskets.
  • Meese implemented the first plastic laundry carts in the early 1970s.
  • Meese is the originator of the popular and often-copied 72P.
  • Meese trademarked the name Poly-Trux®.
  • Meese was the first rotomolder in North America to invest in fully automated rotational molding systems, adding two “Leonardo” machines in 2008.
  • Meese rotomolding machines produce parts more efficiently with less waste, combined with the ability to control extremely tight tolerances.
  • Meese has invested in the use of High-Density Polyethylene, which allows for stronger but lighter and safer products than many competitors.

Meese continues to bring new products and innovations to market.

  • Meese’s line of antimicrobial carts, Silva-Trux, offers a more enhanced layer of protection to their carts. This technology has been applied to create the 70P Silva-Trux, 72P Silva-Trux, 90P Silva-Trux, 92P Silva-Trux, and 101P Silva-Trux. These new carts are infused by an anti-microbial agent that protects carts from deterioration caused by mold and mildew and also guards against odors and stains from microbial growth.
  • Meese created a new and innovative product, the Linen Locker, created to provide secure, waterproof, and safe indoor/outdoor collection of bulk items.
  • Meese created the 72 ERGO, designed for safer and easier performance in the workplace, dramatically minimizing the potential for injuries and workers’ compensation claims. See our other ergonomically-designed products in our ERGO product page.
  • Meese created FDA-approved X-Ray metal detectable containers for safer use in the food processing industry.
  • Meese’s Pool Shot line includes top-quality, rugged, outdoor recreational products for home and business use.
  • Meese’s rugged P291 bulk container now has the UN/DOT certification for secure storage and transport of regulated and unregulated materials.

Meese’s innovations have led to numerous accolades in engineering, design, custom molding, safety, and product development.

  • Meese won Design of the Year and Conversion of the Year.
  • Meese was awarded the Safety Award from ARM (the Association of Rotational Molders) in 2018.
  • Meese was awarded a Safety Award by TRSA in 2019 and 2020 for ergonomically-focused products aimed at eliminating a variety of common workplace injuries in laundries.
  • Meese has certification for both EPA and CARB fuel tanks.
  • The Meese in-house award-winning design and product engineering team designs and manufactures superior products using rotationally molded plastic to replace heavier, weaker, and more expensive materials like metal, wood, fiberglass, and others.

Members of the Meese executive team are involved and active leaders in the industry and are committed to taking the company to new heights.

  • J.R. Ryan, Vice President of Meese is a member of TRSA’s Education Committee.