Who Knew the Toughest Could Also Be the Safest?

Meese produces the first and only microbial poly carts.


This rugged cart is the first in the Poly-Trux® line of carts made in 1970. The 70P led the way for laundry carts of the future but remains a mainstay in the industry today.

72P Bulk-trux

The 72P is a taller version of the 70P. It’s built with the same strength and functionality of the original, but designed to maximize even more space.


The 90P is a rugged, versatile, popular shelf truck preferred by many hospitals and healthcare clinics around the country due to its practicality, strength and durability.


The rugged 101P is a smart, practical, long-lasting choice in shelf trucks due to its efficient size, strong construction and break-through shelf design feature.