50P16/50P16R Utility-Trux

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The 50P series is the workhorse of the Utility-Trux line. It can handle any product or material imaginable, under even the toughest conditions. The 50P16 is the most popular of the series used in a variety of ways for recycling, construction and demolition, and material handling.


These ultra-rugged, waterproof, and extremely versatile Utility-Trux come with a multitude of options, including a recycling specific version that has 6 industrial strength casters for easy turning, an economical, light weight base and a “Recycling” logo graphic. They fit neatly 3 across in standard trailers to maximize space efficiency and cut the number of trips needed for collection and delivery. It is made of the stronger and lighter High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) compared to Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), common with many competitors. And the 50P16, like all Meese carts, has a metal free interior to avoid leaks, snags, tears and damage to the contents of the cart. They also nest and stack for efficient storage and transport.

Standard Features

  • Rotationally molded from waterproof, chemical-resistant High Density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Four 5”x 2”gray rubber non-marking casters
  • Torque-resistant, molded-in inserts
  • Heavy duty black powder coated steel base

Optional Features

  • Galvanized metal base, flat
  • Rotationally molded, rugged poly base
  • Stencil, Mold-in or Mold-on text, logos or graphics
  • Custom caster sizes, materials, configurations
  • Fork safety tubes
  • Rotationally molded security lid in colonial white
  • 8 color options available


  • Dimensions 43½” L x 28½” W x 39” H
  • Capacity 18 Bushels
  • Load Capacity 500 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight 73 lbs. for standard part only
  • 1 Freight Class 250; 2 Freight Class 150; 3-5 Freight Class 125
  • Nestable (5) high (3) across (210) per standard trailer


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