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The 72P Silva-Trux is a taller version of the 70P Silva-Trux. The 72P Silva-Trux is infused with an antimicrobial agent. It’s built with the same strength and functionality of the original, but designed to maximize even more space

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Meese Silva-Trux are a unique line of carts that are infused with an antimicrobial agent. This technology has been added to enhance some of Meese’s most popular carts to create the new Silva-  Trux 70P, Silva-Trux 72P, Silva-Trux 90P, Silva-Trux 92P and Silva-Trux 101P.The antimicrobial agent protects the Silva-Trux carts from deterioration caused by mold and mildew while also guarding against stains and odors from microbial growth. This extra protection helps make Silva-Trux carts stronger, tougher and able to endure even the most harsh work environments to better meet the demanding needs of customers.

Silva-Trux does not protect users or others against disease causing bacteria. Always clean this product thoroughly after each use.

This often-imitated Poly-Trux bulk cart is the standard by which all other carts are judged. In the 70’s, Meese designed and trademarked the Poly-Trux® line of carts, starting with the 70P, to directly meet the needs of their laundry customers. Meese then went and made the best even better by introducing the 72P, a taller version of the 70P built with the same strength and functionality of the original, but designed to maximize even more space. Although many companies claim to offer the 72P, Meese is the only company that offers the true original. Up to 3 week lead time


Its rugged construction, reinforced base, and high quality casters make it still the best cart on the market. The 72P has an optional lockable lid and door to deter theft and secure goods during transport and storage. Its body, lids and doors are made of the stronger and lighter High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) compared to competitors that use Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) for the body and inferior ABS plastic for lids and doors. And the 72P, like all Meese carts, has a metal free interior to avoid snags and tears.

Standard Features

  • Rotationally molded from waterproof, chemical-resistant High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Torque-resistant, molded-in inserts
  • Metal free interior
  • Heavy duty powder coated steel base
  • Four 6”x 2,”gray, rubber, non-marking premium casters
  • Drain holes
  • Hand holes

Optional Features

  • Stencil, Mold-in or Mold-on text, logos or graphics
  • Optional rotomolded, hinged, lockable, security lid and door
  • Rotationally molded, smooth poly base
  • Nylon cart covers
  • Four 8”x 2”, gray, rubber, non-marking premium casters
  • Extra-low, ergonomic front cutaway


  • Dimensions 48″ L x 28 ½” W x 68 ½” H / Inside Depth: 59″
  • Capacity 38 Bushels/48 cubic feet
  • Load Capacity 800 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight 140 lbs. for standard part only
  • NOTE: 72P fits 60 per std. trailer; 72P with security features fits 42 per std. trailer

Additional information

Caster Arrangement

All Swivel, 2 Rigid 2 Swivel


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